Smart Money Moves with Oxford Financial

After a dramatic end to 2018, the economic outlook for 2019 is for continued volatility. Staying on track with a long-term investing strategy is key to continuing to work towards achieving your long-term goals.

Another key is keeping the lines of communication open. Talking about money can be challenging, but it’s important. Resolve to make 2019 the year you talk openly and honestly about your money with family.

Let’s work together on a living plan, looking at your whole financial picture, adjusting it to suit your life now, and for the future. Are you fearful of meeting with a financial planner? Don’t think you have enough to get started or are too far behind? Reach out to me and let’s discuss if a complimentary financial review is right for you.

Smart Money Moves!

Tip #1 – Pay Down Debt. Even a little bit goes a long way. Consider moving the debt to a better yield card or bank. Would a lower percentage loan to pay it off be the answer? Ask the institution holding the debt to work with you to lower the rate, extend timeline or refinance.

Tip #2 – Make A Plan. Knowing what comes in and what goes out is being a good friend to yourself. Budgeting is not hard or horrible. Once you lean into it, get a hold of where your dollars go, must go, often go without thinking, you’ll gain confidence and start acting proactively, not passively.

Tip#3 – Knowledge Is Power. Clients are often surprised by what they can learn and start discussing stocks, the market, trusts, and general investments strategies. There are ample free e-guides, books, and videos but financial plans, handling investments and saving money are not one size fits all. Oxford Financial has resources available to all. We guide our client’s financial future through all phases of life – be it college, marriage, opening a business, death, taxes, divorce, life insurance, retirement, and estate planning.

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