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Summer Strategies To Get Financially Fit by Oxford Financial Integrous Investing’s Wealth Manager, Clint Gharib

Summer Strategies To Get You Financially Fit by Clint Gharib, Wealth Manager & Accredited Investment Fiduciary – AIF® of Oxford Financial Integrous Investing. Summer is when our thoughts turn to vacations, toes in the sand, watermelon and backyard barbecues. It’s also a time to take a few important steps that can pay big dividends when…

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Oxford Financial Integrous Investing’s Tips For Keeping Your Financial Paperwork in Order!

Beyond the New Year’s Resolution: Keeping Your Financial Paperwork in Order, by Wealth Manager, Clint Gharib New Year’s resolutions can be great motivators, but any time of year is good to get your financial paperwork in order. Managing your important documents—whether electronic or on old-fashioned paper—can make your financial life easier. If this is the…

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